This is an exploration into creating lives, cultures, and thriving businesses that exist to bring joy, prosperity and a deeper sense of meaning to all. It’s about consciously creating joy, well-being and empathy; about building bridges where only chasms now exist; and about transcending the limitations of beliefs to pursue the world of the possible.

Karen Barnes is a 15+ year veteran of the advertising and marketing world who’s turning her attention to something more urgent than selling another pair of socks – nothing short of the creation of a better world. By helping people sense the possible, seek meaning instead of distraction and entertainment, and find a common language, she’s a new breed of thinker – a behavioral innovator. Well-versed in behavioral sciences, Barnes brings blazing insights into human actions and transforms complex theory into prescriptive actions.

“A life well-lived is a consequence of human choice: the decision to pursue the significant over the trivial, the enduring over the evanscent, and the meaningful over the useless.” – Umair Haque.

Let’s live that life – starting now.


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